Building a just democracy

Democracy Thrives When Everyone’s Voice is Heard

Progress on the issues we face depends on reforming our democracy and giving voice to concerned citizens that want to see change.

Our work is built around the idea that people have the right to participate in our democracy, and it is up to us to protect and expand that right. The Hub works with a variety of partners to make our democracy fairer and more accessible, and to advocate for the rights of the marginalized.

Over the past few years, The Hub has worked with progressive organizations to highlight the broken political process in the Senate under Mitch McConnell’s leadership, bring the issue of DC statehood to the forefront of the conversation, advocate for structural reforms to our democracy, and hold Congress accountable for upholding their oath of office during impeachment.

Representation for 700,000 Black and Brown Residents of Washington, D.C.

The more than 700,000 residents of our nation’s capital — most of them Black and Brown — don’t have any representation in Congress. The Hub has worked with dozens of groups to help make statehood a reality, even if we have to bypass outdated Senate loopholes to do it.

President of Veterans United for D.C. Statehood Hector Rodriguez and Harry Thomas stand in front of a D.C. statehood mural.

To Achieve Racial Justice, Our Broken Democracy Must be Fixed

To make progress on some of the most important issues we face today, like gun violence prevention and increasing access to quality affordable health care, we must achieve structural democracy reform. The Hub is working with Black and Brown led groups from around the country on issues that include broad reforms such as: abolishing the Electoral College, ending the filibuster, reforming our federal courts and making Washington D.C. a state. The goal is to center Black and Brown narratives and put racial justice at the forefront as we continue to make strides on the issues we care about.

We’re working with over 30 Black- and Brown-led groups to demand structural reforms to our democracy.

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Telling Congress to Uphold their Oath

When the House of Representatives began its investigation into allegations that President Trump had withheld aid from an ally to pressure them into interfering in our election, we helped build a bipartisan coalition of veterans and national security groups called Defend American Democracy to call on Congress to put country over party, honor their oath of office, and do their job.

“From Washington state to Washington, D.C., men and women who put themselves in harm’s way to stand up for our democracy will stand up again, calling on members of Congress to do their constitutional duty—to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

— Alan Pitts, Iraq War veteran and Purple Heart recipient

Veterans Fighting for Our Democracy

1 Defend American Democracy organizer Kyle Bibby calls on Congress to put country over party on MSNBC. 2 U.S. veteran Joel Willett stands before military flags. 3 Defend American Democracy organizers Kyle Bibby and Jason Hurd discuss strategy. 4 Defend American Democracy organizer Kathryn Smith speaking at a rally.