Who We Are

Senior Leadership Team
Strategy & Special Projects
Senior Leadership Team
Strategy & Special Projects
Photo of Allyson Marcus

Allyson Marcus

Deputy Executive Director of Campaigns

Photo of Amelia Wilson

Amelia Wilson

Digital Associate, Democracy

Photo of Arielle Atherley

Arielle Atherley

Associate Director, Policy and Research

Photo of Ashley Quenneville

Ashley Quenneville

Deputy Director of Campaigns

Photo of Aubree Minakami

Aubree Minakami

Senior Design Associate

Photo of Bryan Bennett

Bryan Bennett

Senior Director, Polling and Analytics

Photo of Bryna McEntee

Bryna McEntee

Associate Director of Operations

Photo of Cal Jack Cade

Cal Jack Cade

Associate Director for Communications

Photo of Caleb Polsky

Caleb Polsky

Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

Photo of Carlisle Landin

Carlisle Landin

Senior Organizing Manager of Campaigns

Photo of Carrie Resnick

Carrie Resnick

Director of Research and Strategic Communications

Photo of Cole Leiter

Cole Leiter

Senior Director of Strategic Communications

Photo of Colleen Wachenfeld

Colleen Wachenfeld

Project Manager

Photo of Emily Ribaudo

Emily Ribaudo

Organizing Manager, Campaigns

Photo of Evan Dotas

Evan Dotas

Manager, Communications

Photo of Gabriela Parra

Gabriela Parra

Polling & Analytics Manager

Photo of Heeyoung Leem

Heeyoung Leem

Digital Director

Photo of Ian Smith

Ian Smith

Director, Polling and Analytics

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Photo of Jack Sheehy

Jack Sheehy

Senior Manager of Policy & Research

Photo of Jessica Brady

Jessica Brady

Finance and Grants Manager

Photo of Jessica Floyd

Jessica Floyd

Executive Director

Photo of José Morales, Jr.

José Morales, Jr.

Senior Director, Campaigns

Photo of Joseline Mata

Joseline Mata

Deputy Director, Democracy

Photo of Josh Ford

Josh Ford

Chief Operating Officer

Photo of Kelly Rimar

Kelly Rimar

Associate Director of Communications

Photo of Kitty Fesmire

Kitty Fesmire

Director of Finance and Campaign Operations

Photo of Kobie Christian

Kobie Christian

Communications Director

Photo of Kyle Phillips

Kyle Phillips

Senior Associate, Operations & Special Projects

Photo of Leor Tal

Leor Tal

Director of Campaigns

Photo of Lily Kleinknecht

Lily Kleinknecht

Campaign Associate,Democracy

Photo of Lucy Westerfield

Lucy Westerfield

Senior Director for Economy Campaigns

Photo of Maggie Downing

Maggie Downing

Senior Manager of Storytelling

Photo of Malachi Rafiq White

Malachi Rafiq White

Associate Director of Communications

Photo of Maria Barrera

Maria Barrera

Senior Associate, Communications

Photo of Marie Revers

Marie Revers

Associate Director of People and Culture

Photo of Maryann Cousens

Maryann Cousens

Polling & Analytics Associate

Photo of Max Nacheman

Max Nacheman

Counsel and Senior Advisor

Photo of Nataly Calderon

Nataly Calderon

Project Manager

Photo of Nicholas Kitchel

Nicholas Kitchel

Director, Digital Partnerships

Photo of Nick Conners

Nick Conners

Digital Content Manager

Photo of Owen Evans

Owen Evans

Communications Manager

Photo of Rachael Russell

Rachael Russell

Director of Polling & Analytics

Photo of Rachel Bradford

Rachel Bradford

Director, Strategic Communications

Photo of Ruiyong Chen

Ruiyong Chen

Senior Director, Paid Media

Photo of Samantha Cali

Samantha Cali

Digital Manager

Photo of Samantha Del Vecchio

Samantha Del Vecchio

Campaign Operations Manager

Photo of Sarah Green

Sarah Green

Partnerships Manager, Democracy Campaigns

Photo of Sarah Young

Sarah Young

Senior Manager of Partnerships

Photo of Sari Greifer

Sari Greifer

Associate Director, Paid Media

Photo of Saryn Francis

Saryn Francis

Associate Director of Communications

Photo of Sofia Lopez

Sofia Lopez

Senior Creative Associate

Photo of Theo Chayegan

Theo Chayegan

Associate Director, Campaigns

Photo of Veronica Ingham

Veronica Ingham

Senior Campaigns Director, Abortion

Photo of Yanet Velazquez

Yanet Velazquez

Research Manager

Photo of Zach Fletcher

Zach Fletcher

Associate Creative Director