Who We Are

The Hub values diversity, equity, and inclusion, and is committed to creating an environment where people from all backgrounds can participate, grow, and succeed in our organization.
Executive Team
Policy and Research
Executive Team
Policy and Research
Photo of Alex Baptiste

Alex Baptiste

Director, Policy and Research

Photo of Amber Singh

Amber Singh

Senior Manager, Partnerships & External Affairs

Photo of Arielle Atherley

Arielle Atherley

Associate Director of Policy and Research

Photo of Arielle Baran

Arielle Baran

Director, Communications

Photo of Arkadi Gerney

Arkadi Gerney

Executive Director

Photo of Barion Grant

Barion Grant

Creative Director, Digital

Photo of Bre Bambrick

Bre Bambrick

Director, Campaign Strategy and Operations

Photo of Bryan Bennett

Bryan Bennett

Senior Director, Polling and Analytics

Photo of Brynna Quillin

Brynna Quillin

Associate Director of Digital Content

Photo of Carter Teng

Carter Teng

Digital Associate

Photo of Celine Bartels-Mills

Celine Bartels-Mills

Manager, Digital Partnerships

Photo of Dan Crawford

Dan Crawford

National Press Secretary and Director, Campaign Communications

Photo of Danielle Kantor

Danielle Kantor

Senior Advisor

Photo of Ebonie Land

Ebonie Land

Associate Director, Creative

Photo of Emi Miller

Emi Miller

Email & SMS Manager

Photo of Emily Leach

Emily Leach

Senior Manager, Communications

Photo of Emily Seldin

Emily Seldin

Director, Digital

Photo of Emma Healy

Emma Healy

Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

We all do the dishes at The Hub.

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Photo of Evan Dotas

Evan Dotas

Special Assistant, Communications, Digital, & Policy and Research

Photo of Frederick Bell

Frederick Bell

Campaign Associate

Photo of Issie Davis

Issie Davis

Research Associate

Photo of Jack Sheehy

Jack Sheehy

Research Associate

Photo of Jennifer Mandelblatt

Jennifer Mandelblatt

Associate Director, Campaigns

Photo of Joel Payne

Joel Payne

Managing Director, Communications

Photo of John Thayer

John Thayer

Manager, Campaigns

Photo of Josh Ford

Josh Ford

Director, Finance

Photo of Kate DiLello

Kate DiLello

Director of Development

Photo of Kitty Fesmire

Kitty Fesmire

Financial Operations Manager

Photo of Marcos D. Bustamante

Marcos D. Bustamante

Operations Manager

Photo of Nicholas Kitchel

Nicholas Kitchel

Director, Digital Partnerships

Photo of Rachael Russell

Rachael Russell

Senior Manager, Data & Analytics

Photo of Rishi Bharwani

Rishi Bharwani

Chief of Staff

Photo of Ruiyong Chen

Ruiyong Chen

Senior Director, Paid Media

Photo of Sarah Baron

Sarah Baron

Campaign Director, Economy Campaigns

Photo of Saryn Francis

Saryn Francis

Communications Manager

Photo of Shirien Damra

Shirien Damra

Design Manager

Photo of Sylvana Dussan

Sylvana Dussan

Associate Director of Digital Content

Photo of Theo Chayegan

Theo Chayegan

Organizing Manager, Campaigns

Photo of Yolanda Townsend

Yolanda Townsend

Chief Operating Officer and Legal Director

Photo of Zach Fletcher

Zach Fletcher

Senior Video Editor