Building Movements.

We build

winning campaigns

The Hub Project partners with organizations to build winning campaigns to ensure that the economy works for everyone.

We hold our leaders accountable by building advocacy campaigns to expand opportunity across America. We convene partners to tackle big issues with timely research and the right message.

We engage the media to tell the story of what’s at stake on issues critical to our future.

We organize in communities to give Americans a platform to make their voices heard online and in their neighborhoods.

Our Principles

The principle that guides our work is: It’s not about us. It’s about building coalitions that engage on the issues that matter to all Americans – making sure our government is working for everyone and that all families have a fair shot at the American Dream.


We work closely with partner organizations to propel issue-based campaigns that drive the public conversation and shift the debate. We’re working to build a partnership base that ranges from the expected to the unlikely, from local and national nonprofits and advocacy groups, to foundations, businesses, and social entrepreneurs.


Research is the bedrock of good messaging, and we work closely with polling and messaging experts to make sure we are reaching our target audiences in ways that are persuasive and meaningful. We use cutting-edge polling, modeling, and analytics techniques to make sure that we have a deep understanding of how Americans are feeling and use that knowledge to serve them content that moves them to action.


We know that we have to reach our audiences where they are. That’s why connecting with our constituents online through innovative digital organizing is a core part of what we do. We work with partners to craft comprehensive campaigns with compelling email, social, web, and video content to move our current supporters to action and bring new people into our movement to make sure the economy works for everyone.


Successful campaigns need to win in the press, and it’s our job to cut through the noise and make sure the media covers the issues that matter most in people’s everyday lives. We research, write, and apply message frames through earned, paid, and social media. We help tell the stories of real people – and the very real consequences of policy decisions that are made every day.