Fighting for a Fair Tax Code.

We partner with organizations to fight for an economy and a tax code that works for all Americans, not just the wealthy few.

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Health Care
For All.

We’re partnering with local and national advocates to help ensure that millions of Americans keep their coverage.

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Insulin Now.

We work with partner organizations to end price gouging, so that Americans can afford the life-saving medications they need.

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No one is
above the law.

We’re working to make sure all our elected officials, including the president, are held accountable to our laws.

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We believe in a country where everyone has the opportunity to succeed in our economy and participate in our democracy. The Hub Project, a non-profit effort, makes that vision a reality by partnering with advocacy groups, bringing surge capacity and coordination to build innovative and effective campaigns.

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Honoring the Memory of Breonna Taylor

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Rolling Stone

New Podcast Breaks Down Russia-Trump Ties

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Meet The Team

Barion Grant, Creative Director at the Hub

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