Nice to meet you.

Arkadi Gerney

Executive Director

Andrea Purse

Managing Director, Communications

Michael Linden

Managing Director, Policy & Research

Sarah Driscoll

Managing Director, Digital

Jessica Floyd

Managing Director, Campaigns

Nicole Gill

Campaign Director

Emily Seldin

Associate Director of Digital

Bryan Bennett

Polling and Analytics Manager

Robyn Patterson

Communications Manager

Rishi Bharwani

Research Manager

Lauren Santa Cruz

Creative Producer

Julie Meyer

Research Manager

Emma Shapiro

Campaign Director

Cirilo Manego

Campaign Associate

Theo Chayegan

Campaign Associate

Amanda Becker

Operations Manager

Sarah English

Graphic Designer

Tim Hogan

National Press Secretary

Nicholas Kitchel

Digital Organizer

Dheemanth Manjunath

Executive Assistant

Zach Praiss

Digital Content Associate

Grace Western

Special Assistant to the Directors

Salvatore Colleluori

Associate Director for Rapid Response

Ryan Thomas

Communications Associate

Kate Taylor Mighty

Digital Content Associate

Eric Bennett

Manager of Rapid Response Communications

Mikka Macdonald

Communications Manager

Bart Rutherford

Communications Organizer