Launching a podcast

Pulling Back the Curtain on Conservative Policies

In partnership with the Roosevelt Institute and Goat Rodeo, The Hub launched Made to Fail, a new podcast that reveals how conservative policies set up millions for failure in the face of crisis.

From health care, to unemployment insurance, to exercising the right to vote, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every part of American life. But what’s happening in our country is much bigger than a pandemic. It’s been in the works for a long time. The pandemic has only shined a spotlight on the conservative policies that time and time again have failed the people they claim to protect. So, The Hub partnered with the Roosevelt Institute and Goat Rodeo to develop a podcast to tell that story.

Video title

Made to Fail explores the decades-long effort by conservative politicians and policymakers to undermine the institutions that are failing us now during the pandemic, when we need them most.

Made to Fail travels the country to tell the story of how conservative ideology has gutted the safety net, corrupted our institutions, and made government unaccountable to the people. As we confront an unprecedented era of economic uncertainty, amidst a health crisis and a national reckoning on race, Made to Fail helps us understand how we got to where we are today and offers a way out for the future.

Podcast Episodes:

  • Badgered in Wisconsin: How decades of voter suppression handed down by the Supreme Court forced an in-person primary election in Wisconsin.

  • Disconnected in Florida: How a broken unemployment system in Florida is just part of a much larger problem when it comes to federal unemployment.

  • Corrupted in Georgia: Why state and federal elected officials are often able to get off the hook when it comes to corruption.

  • Targeted in Minnesota: Why police use force against Black people at seven times the rate of white people and what we can do about it.

  • Polluted in Arizona: How the federal government has ravaged the Navajo Nation’s land for natural resources.

  • Flatlined in North Carolina: Why hospitals are closing in North Carolina and who is responsible for leaving behind rural and low-income communities.

  • Sold Out in Maine: How the Paycheck Protection Program ended up helping Wall Street more than Main Street during a pandemic.

  • Busted in Wisconsin: How conservatives undermined union power that could have prevented the health system from collapsing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Team Behind The Mic

1 Made to Fail is produced by The Hub Project, the Roosevelt Institute, and Goat Rodeo. 2 The podcast is hosted by Elliot Williams, a CNN legal analyst. Williams spent nearly eight years as a senior political appointee in the Obama administration, as deputy assistant attorney general for legislative affairs at the Department of Justice.

The podcast’s format uniquely allows Made to Fail to bring to life the stories of individuals across the country affected by conservative policy making while providing the long-form compelling narrative to also provide the rationale for the way out through new innovative policy proposals.

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