Elevating frontline stories

Sharing Stories from the Coronavirus Pandemic

At the outset of one of the most devastating public health crises in recent history, The Hub knew that the stories of the people most affected would give voice to the need for a people-centered response.

From unemployed workers fighting to make ends meet to doctors, nurses, grocery store clerks, and teachers working on the frontlines, The Hub has sought to highlight the voices of those bearing the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic.

In partnership with the Town Hall Project, Be A Hero, and other organizations across the country, The Hub launched Frontline Stories to spotlight the challenges Americans faced during the coronavirus pandemic. While the media covered the economic and public health aspects of the virus, Frontline Stories uplifted the overlooked voices of everyday people. 

With our network of partners, we launched a newsletter and a website to amplify the experiences of regular Americans struggling during the pandemic, featuring thousands of stories from medical staff, essential workers, the economically vulnerable, patients and their families as they overcame the difficult circumstances of the crisis.