STATEMENT: The Hub Project Calls for Trump to be Removed

This week, we witnessed the attempted armed overthrow of government and violent overturning of a free and fair election, marking the end of our country’s long tradition of a peaceful transition of power. Worse still, the president, his administration, and his allies in Congress actively incited these actions, repeating lies and encouraging his supporters to take violent action. Donald Trump and his allies have threatened the lives of countless people: first responders, lawmakers, and even his own supporters. The president is unfit for office and must be removed and brought to justice. To let his behavior go without repercussion would irreversibly damage our democracy.

The white nationalist sedition that unfolded on Capitol Hill is the culmination of America’s endemic disease: cynical, racist and opportunistic politics that protect white privilege and entrenched power above all else.

Had the rioters who terrorized Capitol Hill been the Black-led coalition that demonstrated for racial justice over the summer, the day would have ended in carnage. Law enforcement knew that armed rioters would try to dismantle our democracy, but they let down their guard because they saw white faces leading the charge. While Donald Trump deployed thousands of police officers to tear gas, shoot, and terrorize peaceful Black Lives Matter protestors just months ago, this week he welcomed rioters’ attempt to undermine our free and fair election.

The Hub Project’s mission is to create a fair and equitable democracy and economy. We are concerned first and foremost about the safety of the people who live and work in D.C. and in the Capitol, as well as the millions of Americans, especially Black and Brown people, put in danger by the constitutional crisis that Donald Trump and his allies have ignited.

We maintain faith that our democracy will not crumble under the threat of a desperate, weak despot like Donald Trump. Though inciting an insurgency was not the president’s first high crime, it must be his last. We pledge to fight to preserve our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and to make real the promise of American democracy for all our citizens.