STATEMENT: Standing in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter Movement

The Hub Project, a leading progressive non-profit that serves as a connector within the ecosystem of advocacy groups and grassroots-led initiatives, released the following statement in response to the murder of George Floyd by four Minneapolis police officers, the epidemic of police violence, and the efforts to stop systematic oppression and racism against Black people: 

“Through the four plus years that our organization has existed, The Hub Project has never released a public statement, opting to stay in the background and speak only through our partner coalitions. But this extraordinary moment compels us to make our voice heard.  The ongoing epidemic of police violence toward Black people is an affront to our values and to basic human decency. It is just another symptom of America’s systemic oppression of Black people. 

“The recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and too many others underscore that racism is a public health crisis that is killing Black people. ‘Remember the human’ is one of our guiding values and, in that spirit, we grieve and are outraged by the daily indignities that America’s Black community has lived through for far too long. We affirm that not only do Black lives matter, but Black lives are vital and essential. Black lives make invaluable contributions to our organization every day and inspire our work.

“Our mission is focused on creating an economy that works for all and a democracy where everyone can meaningfully participate, and we know the fight against structural racism is critical to that mission. We are committed to uprooting white supremacist structures in these areas, and we seek to be an ally to all those who fight against police violence and for an equitable justice system. Through our partnerships and initiatives, we support efforts to reimagine policing, including diverting resources away from aggressive, reckless, and abusive policing and towards community-based interventions that promote safety and cooperation. 

“Being non-racist is not good enough. We must be aggressively anti-racist to bring about systemic change. Now is not the time to be timid or silent. Now is the time to lean in, listen, be accountable, and do the work required to be a part of the solution. The Hub Project reaffirms our vow to do our part.”