STATEMENT: Honoring the Memory of Breonna Taylor

The Hub Project Responds to Kentucky Attorney General Announcement to Forgo Charges in Police Killing of Breonna Taylor:

Breonna Taylor’s life matters — to her family, her loved ones, her community and to all of us. She was a young, vibrant Black woman who dedicated her life and career to helping people. But on March 13th, the officers of the Louisville Metro Police Department acted with reckless and callous disregard for Breonna, and this week the Attorney General of Kentucky did the same. In fact, the officials in Kentucky told us that the physical infrastructure of Breonna Taylor’s apartment building mattered more than her life.

There are no words to properly express the outrage we feel for the indignities that Breonna Taylor and her loved ones have been subjected to. And we know that the same broken white supremacist system of law enforcement that failed Breonna has failed too many others.

At the Hub Project, we affirm our commitment to uprooting white supremacist structures throughout our society. We seek to be a supportive and engaged partner to those who fight against police violence and for an equitable justice system. Through our collaborations and initiatives, we will continue to support efforts to reimagine our democracy, including diverting resources away from aggressive, reckless, biased and abusive policing towards community-based interventions that promote safety, cooperation and justice.

We will honor the memory of Breonna Taylor and all who were taken from us because of racism and oppression through our mission-driven work, and we vow to never forget their names.