Rosemary Enobakhare

Campaign Director

Rosemary Enobakhare currently serves as a Campaign Director at The Hub Project. Prior to joining the team at the Hub, Rosemary served as the Coalition Director for the Clean Water for All Coalition, where she helped build one of the most diverse federal coalitions to advocate and defend bedrock clean water protections at the federal level.

Rosemary was previously appointed by the Obama Administration to serve as the Deputy Associate Administrator for Public Engagement and Environmental Education in the Office of the Administrator at the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In this role, she led the agency’s community outreach program and developed strategic engagement plans to positively impact the EPA’s public policy to ensure non-traditional communities were both a part of the conversations and the solution. Ms. Enobakhare also served as the Deputy Director of Public Engagement and Faith-based Initiatives at the U.S. EPA.  In this capacity, she oversaw the coordination of outreach to the African American, faith, women and business communities on behalf of the Administrator.

Prior to joining the Administration, Rosemary served as the Director of African American Outreach for the Democratic National Committee, leading the party’s efforts around engaging the African American Community in the 2012 election.

Rosemary is a native of Jackson, Mississippi and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Spelman College.