Melisa Dincer

Operations Associate

Melisa Dincer is the Operations Associate at The Hub. Prior to joining The Hub, Melisa worked at a law firm in Asheville, North Carolina, helping ensure the office was running smoothly. She has also worked for the Florida Democratic Party for a few electoral campaigns, usually in organizing, but most recently she was part of the Voter Protection team at the Headquarters in Tampa. Melisa has vast experience in creating and maintaining a multitude of organizational methods that she now applies in Operations.

Melisa currently lives in Washington, DC, but is originally from Istanbul, Turkey and was raised in London and Miami. She went to the University of South Florida for her Bachelor’s Degrees in Political Science & Communication and is now studying for her Master’s in Public Administration and Policy at American University.

On her free time, you’ll find her attending jazz jams across the city, or at home practicing her own music, but most importantly hanging out with her cat, Cleo.