Andrea Purse

Managing Director, Communications

Andrea Purse leads communications efforts for The Hub Project.

Before working at The Hub, Andrea headed up communications for NextGen Climate and the Center for American Progress, both leading national progressive organizations. Andrea also has a strong background in broadcast communications, working as the director for broadcast media at the White House, and leading similar efforts for the Democratic Caucus in the House of Representatives and John Edwards Presidential Campaign in 2008. She has worked in various nonprofits including the Children’s Defense Fund, Rhode Island Kids Count, and Campaign for America’s Future.

Andrea lives in Silver Spring M.D., with her husband, Jimi, and two children, McKenna and Keaton, who are aspiring political organizers (and who like to practice canvassing their own house and their neighbors on behalf of progressive causes). Andrea grew up outside of Pittsburgh, participating in various black and gold days at school to celebrate Pittsburgh sports greatness, and likes to run (and forces other people to join her).