Organizing Leadership Fellows

Organizing Leadership Fellows (OLF) is an exciting opportunity to work with a network of progressive organizations to mobilize and engage local community activists and members to speak out during this critical moment in our civic discourse.

Role and Responsibilities:

OLF is a national fellowship program designed for leaders who are helping to shape public engagement in their communities concerning the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and passage of the Trump tax plan. The primary responsibility of the fellows will be to recruit and train fellow activists to speak out on health care and taxes, and lead grassroots rallies, press conferences, social media drives, and in-district office visits. Fellows will perform in-district research on votes and other actions taken by their Members of Congress, and the impact of those actions in their communities, conduct landscape analyses of existing resources, and create an action plan that will outline their 5-month engagement (April- August 2018).

The following strategies will be prioritized:

  • Personalize our policy fights with “Story of Self” training, ensuring that we have activists who can personally speak to the impacts of ACA repeal and Trump Tax.
  • Create opportunities for trained activists to confront Members of Congress directly on their votes and demand legislative action.
  • Capture those interactions digitally – to be amplified and distributed widely – for national and local press and social media. Fellows will be required to attend an in-person training in Washington, DC, on May 10-11, 2018. Travel and hotel accommodations will be provided.

Experience and Qualifications:

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Local relationships with organizations doing grassroots organizing.
  • Strong commitment to social and economic justice.
  • Ability to be self guided and work independently.
  • Good event and project management skills.
  • Background in digital media.


Fellows will commit to 10-15 hours a week of work and receive a $1,000 a month for each of the five months of the Fellowship. They will be given an events budget of $250 per month to be used in connection with their OLF activities on promotional materials, venues, snacks, training materials, etc.

Application Process:

Interested candidates should complete the following online application form. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Deadline to apply is April 7, 2018. Questions?

Please contact